Effective 6/1/2021

HRA is now offering membership into Breeden Benefit Group's

Felonious Assault Program

All HRA Members are automatically enrolled to receive this amazing benefit*

Statistically, there are over 35,000 convenience store robberies each year. Store owners face the horrible reality of a store employee being injured or killed. Workers’ Compensation pays expenses such as medical for injuries and a percentage of salary if an employee is killed. In most cases, Workers’ Compensation is not enough!!

HRA along with Breeden Benefit Group have created a Felonious Assault Program. The program will cover owners and employees. If death occurs during a Felonious Assault, the plan will pay the family $400,000. If an injury occurs during a Felonious Assault, the plan will pay $2,500 per month while in the hospital and $385 weekly while recovering.

This program was created for convenience store associations throughout the United States. Over $18,000,000 in financial relief has been paid to families. A family member cannot be replaced, however $400,000 will assist with future expenses.

Benefits to HRA Members


How much is the premium?

Is there a limit on how many employees are covered?

How do I pay?

When is this insurance effective?

Rate guarantee?

*May I opt my store out?

When does my Felonious Assault Policy end?

What is my next step for opting in?

If I missed the announcement, would I receive a refund if I want to opt my store out?

Will I receive a Certificate of Coverage for my store?

Will the owner/employee be covered if a felonious assault occurs while they are completing company business such as driving to deposit money at the bank?

Have claims been paid?

Who do I contact for questions?

Wellcard Savings Plan

In addition to the above coverages, HRA members can also get access to the Wellcard Savings plan separately.