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Add HRA to your Home Screen

iPhone Installation

Template Open in Safari 01 Enter your login credentials 02 Click "Share" button at bottom of screen 03 Click "Add to Home Screen" 04 Enter Desired App Icon Name 05 HRA App Now appears on your Home Screen! 06 HRA-mockup-3 HRA-mockup-2 HRA-mockup-3-v2 HRA-mockup-4-v2 HRA-mockup-5 HRA-mockup-6 HRA-mockup-1

Android Installation

Template Type the website URL into the Chrome Browser 01 Select the “3 dots” in the top right corner 02 Select “Add to Homescreen” from dropdown 03 Select “Add” from prompt 04 Follow directions on the screen 05 Confirmation will then display at the bottom of successful shortcut added! 06

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