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HRA brings together the collective bargaining power of our members with the brand power of preferred vendors for a win-win scenario for both parties. Our members get exclusive access to discounts and rebates, while our venders get an opportunity to build brand equity and brand loyalty. A unique and direct way for a brand to easily communicate with store owners, HRA membership gives store owners the power of a group with a single representative that can communicate on their behalf. We get our members a better bottom line, and put more money in their pockets!

Member Benefits

  • Exclusive member rebates – checks issued quarterly
  • Discounts on products you already buy
  • Access to exclusive products and services
  • Direct line of communication between vendors and merchants
  • We negotiate discounts and rebates on your behalf
  • Exclusive Members Only Savings and Rebates
  • Real Businesses Earning Real Cash
  • Not points. Not credits. Just great discounts and real cash back!


  • Convenience store or gas station owner
  • Embrace change and continuous improvement
  • Seek to improve your bottom line

There’s no cost associated with joining HRA. In fact, you’ll be earning revenue with rebates and discounts.

Why join HRA?

HRA understands the power of c-stores and c-store owners. We know that our merchants discover and drive innovation on a daily basis. We realize how important business owners are to the local community. Our members are a valuable part of the overall community, and thus should be rewarded to some degree for choosing to carry one brand over another in their stores. HRA makes sure that our vendors feel the same way! HRA brand partners, such as Coke, McLane, Frito Lay and many others, are some of the top vendors in the world. They get that the merchants who carry their products are at the core of their success and are willing to offer great incentives, discounts and rebates exclusively to our members for that privilege. HRA is your c-store advocate and direct line into the ears of the big brands!